What is a POP Box?

A Post-Op Provisions (POP) Box is a carefully assembled collection of products to help with postoperative care at home. Designed by a general surgeon, they contain things you might not know you needed and things you may have trouble getting on your own.

What’s in a POP Box?

There are three main categories of products that may be in a POP Box:

Supplies: Wound care items, products to help with common postoperative problems, stain remover, etc.
Personal Care Items: These products help streamline your routine, fill in for some things you might be temporarily unable to do, and add a touch of pampering.
Garments: Clothing that’s easy to get on and off around sore areas, accessories to support surgical drains.

Who needs a POP Box?

POP Boxes can help after just about any procedure or hospitalization. They’re suitable for men or women, contain little fragrance and no latex. We ship right to your door. Have one waiting for you when you get home!

Which POP Box is right for me?

Our Outpatient Surgery POP Box will help after just about any procedure. Our Breast Surgery POP Box adds garments to make recovery from breast surgery a little more comfortable. The Breast Surgery POP Box could also be useful after other types of upper body surgery, such as shoulder arthroscopy or other procedure where upper extremity mobility may be temporarily limited.

Below is a list of procedures and their suggested POP Boxes. Please ask your surgeon or contact us if you’re not sure which POP Box to purchase.

ProcedureSuggested POP Box
Aesthetic (Plastic) SurgeryOutpatient Surgery POP Box
(or >Breast Surgery POP Box™)
Breast Cancer SurgeryBreast Surgery POP Box
(+ Drain Kitif Mastectomy)
ChildbirthMom Bag™ by Post-Op Provisions
Gynecologic SurgeryOutpatient Surgery POP Box™
Hernia SurgeryOutpatient Surgery POP Box™
(+ Drain Kit if large / Ventral)
Laparoscopic SurgeryOutpatient Surgery POP Box™
Orthopedic SurgeryOutpatient Surgery POP Box™
Robotic SurgeryOutpatient Surgery POP Box™

Where do we get our products?

When at all possible Post-Op Provisions sources within the USA. We hunt for as natural and simple a product as will do the job, try to use recycled or recyclable materials, and keep latex out of the boxes.

How long will it take my order to reach me?

We ship by US Priority Mail or UPS (whichever is more cost effective) which means your order should reach you about 3 days after it’s shipped. We try to get orders out by the next business day.

If you have a shipping preference, please note it in your order. If you need your order shipped faster, select an Express shipping option (for an additional charge).

What do I do if I run out of something?

Please contact us with requests for individual items (other than kits and garments that are already for sale on our site). We’ll send you a quote and get them out to you ASAP.

Please click here to access our Drain Output Log if you need more sheets.

Will my Insurance reimburse me for my POP Box?

No.  Unfortunately, these items fall into categories that are neither Durable Medical Equipment (DME – scooters, commodes, crutches…) or covered supplies (must be for a chronic condition to be covered).  This is part of the loop-hole in care we’re trying to fill.

We have, however, tried to include only products you’re not likely to have already and to price them close to what you could buy a similar collection for at your local drugstore (if they even have all of these products ;).  In a perfect world, these boxes would be sent with you from your facility or surgeon and covered under their supply costs.  The world, however, is not perfect, yet.


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