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No postoperative care supplies from facility


“They don’t send you home with anything!”  

We never want to hear another patient say that.  Kits from Post-op Provisions provide patients with supplies that decrease stress, increase independence, and improve patient satisfaction and outcomes.


Surgical experience doesn't end at the facility door, care shouldn't either.  Following surgery, or childbirth, patients do most of their recovery at home.  Little attention is paid to that portion of care but it can have a huge effect on outcomes.  Providing supplies bridges facility and home care, increases compliance with discharge instructions, standardizes post-procedural care, and improves patient satisfaction.

Post-Op Provisions creates a bridge between facility and home care
Post-Op Provisions stands out in post surgery care packages


Effective, Natural, Local, Green.  After a procedure, patients need the simplest, most natural products that will do the job.  Our kits contain unscented, latex-free products made in the USA from recycled or recyclable materials whenever possible.  

American made post surgical kits


Deborah Nowak, MD FACS is a general surgeon with over 10 years clinical experience.   When a family member was facing surgery, she made and sent a care package containing things her patients frequently asked for as well as other things she thought would help.  The reception of that kit and subsequent research into gaps in post-discharge ambulatory surgical care led to the launch of Post-Op Provisions.  

Post-Op Provisions was founded and is run by a female surgeon
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