Our Mission

Provide Supplies

"They don't send you home with anything!"
This is what most people say about what they were provided with after a procedure. Usually, patients get a prescription and a lot of paper, but few, if any, supplies. Most people don't know what to buy, what brand, how much... Our kits contain useful hospital-brand supplies in appropriate quantities to hopefully prevent the frantic, post-anesthesia shopping trip.

Decrease Stress

Surgery is stressful enough. As many other sources of stress as possible should be removed. If receiving a supply kit before their procedure encourages patients to more thoroughly plan their immediate postoperative experience, hopefully they can focus more completely on healing. Helping patients clear their logistical clutter allows them to be more mindful during their recovery.

Increase Independence

Not everyone has someone to run to the store for them. Most of us don't have someone to stay home all day to care for us either. Post-Op Provisions care packages allow patients more freedom and independence after surgery or other procedure by anticipating needs. If patients have what they'll need, there's less chance of muddling and/or frantic phone calls when something is missing.

Improve Outcomes

Education improves outcomes. Every care-package from Post-Op Provisions includes simple instructions from our surgeon founder. These tips help address common post-operative questions and concerns, hopefully decreasing the likelihood of a problem. Also, we hope to empower patients to be more active participants in their care thus decreasing office calls, patient waiting for answers, and overall frustration.

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