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So you just found out you need to have a procedure. Any surgery is a big deal but hopefully you understand why you should have surgery and you have faith in your care team. Now you need to get ready.

The list of things to do can be daunting. Scheduling pre-op visits and tests, figuring out leave from work or school, making sure everything you temporarily won’t be able to do is covered, all while you may not feel well. The last thing you want to do shop for supplies. Where do you go? What do you buy? Gauze – sterile? – not sterile? Tape – what kind of tape? – how much? You could meander for hours, both online and in person, and still not be sure you’re getting what you need.

What you need is a POP Box. Through years of experience in surgical practice, we’ve learned where the holes are likely to be in your medicine cabinet. POP boxes are filled with things patients ask for at postoperative visits, or say they wished they’d had. Some of these items are pretty basic, and yes you could probably pick it up at the drug store, but then you’d have to go to said drug store, stare at the shelves, and wonder if you’re getting something that will work. Let us do that for you.

You can buy supplies for yourself, pass our information on to care-givers, and from our shop page, create a wishlist so they know what you'd like.  Share your list on social media or by email.  People want to help, you just have to give them specifics.

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