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When Patients Leave Your Facility:


Prepared to care for themselves?

Any time patients are expected to care for themselves at home, it’s unlikely they already have everything they’ll need.  They can buy most of it, for sure, but do you want your patients shopping right before (or right after) their procedure, stressing about whether they’ve got the right stuff, or do you want them feeling prepared and cared for?

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Have everything they'll need?

A POP Box will help.  We’ve gathered supplies that most people don’t keep at home as well as some comforting things that can grease the wheels post-op.  These are necessities your patients would get if they stayed in the hospital after their procedure but usually don’t receive as outpatients.  Don’t give them a list, give them a kit, or at least a name (and a web address ;).


Check the 'Top Box'?

It's actually the bottom box on the OAS CAPHS surveys (overall score 10), but you get the idea.  The surveys are coming!! Data gathered in 2018 may affect 2020 reimbursement.

Surgery isn’t just about the procedure, it’s about the entire experience from consult to post-op check; and survey results will reflect that.  Providing your patients a kit of post-operative supplies shows you understand and are engaged in optimizing their entire experience.

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Ways to help Post-Op Provisions help you:


Request literature from Post-Op Provisions.  Place flyers or business cards in scheduling or discharge packets.  Display business cards at your front desk(s).


Display literature in your gift shop.  Put us in touch with your gift shop buyers.


Sign up for a Wholesale Account.  With a B2B relationship with Post-Op Provisions you'll access subscription options, wholesale pricing, and co-branding as well as kit customization opportunities.

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We want to make it easy for you to help your patients.

So much happens at discharge.  Patients are barely awake when instructions are given, and sometimes those instructions are imparted to family members or friends who won’t be with them at home.  The products in POP Boxes reinforce discharge instructions and give patients the tools to follow them.

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