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Perfect care package for a new Mom. So much preparation is about the baby sometimes we forget…

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You plan the birth, you prepare to bring baby home but what about Mom? There's a push toward making childbirth less clinical but the bottom line is you’ll have fluids leaking from places they don’t usually leak from, swelling in not so fun places, and a general screwing up of your body for weeks afterward; all while you’re probably not sleeping and are freaking out just a little about this Mommy stuff.  Let us help.

Items in a Mom Bag™ by Post-Op Provisions® are divided into a few categories:

  1. Perineal care. Hopefully everything you need to help “down there”.  Included:
    • Ice packs and sleeves.
    • Maxipads (with wings).
    • Peri-bottle caps (to attach to any water or soda bottle).
    • Wipes that don’t dissolve when you use them (like TP can).
    • Dermoplast® anesthetic spray.
    • Epsom salt. Use it for soaks in your tub or Sitz bath.
    • Not sexy (but comfortable and disposable) mesh panties.
    • Tucks® pads.
  1. Breast care. Even if you’re not breastfeeding, the girls are still going through some things after childbirth.  Included:
    • Hydrogel nipple pads.
    • Disposable Nursing pads.
    • Nipple Butter.
  1. Help with Constipation. Unfortunately, you still have to poop after you have a baby.  That being true, make it as easy as possible – you don’t need new problems.  Included:
    • Miralax® powder.
    • Fleets® enemas.
  1. General supplies. These are some personal care items as well as things to protect your house from all the leaking fluids.  Included:
    • Chux pads. Small, waterproof sheets to lay or sit on if you’re worried about making a mess on your sheets/couch/favorite chair…
    • Sleep mask. You need to sleep when you can, even if that annoying sun is up.
    • Ear plugs. Again the sleep thing.
    • Dry Shampoo. You think you’ll have time to shower??  In case you can’t for a while.
    • No Rinse Body Wash. See above.
    • Hand lotion. Hospitals and narcotics can be very drying.
    • Unscented, aluminum-free deodorant.
    • Lip Balm. All natural, nice to have on hand.

5.  An awesome bag.  Once you’re through this postpartum stuff use it for the gym, grocery shopping, or as a diaper bag.

3 reviews for Mom Bag™

  1. Post-Op Provisions

    Post-Op Provisions

    “This bag is genius! As a first time mom it was extremely helpful to be given some of the same items I used in the hospital. It made the transition of going home so much smoother. I loved that Dermoplast was included! I would definitely recommend this bag to other (first-time) moms.” – from customer survey – entered by Post-Op Provisions.

  2. Post-Op Provisions

    Post-Op Provisions

    “The bag included so many thoughtful products I would not have purchased on my own such se Epsom Salt and Hydrogel Nipple Pads.” – from customer survey – entered by Post-Op Provisions.

  3. Post-Op Provisions

    Post-Op Provisions

    “Love this idea & product! It was great to have a bag full of items needed after having a baby especially when it’s your first & you don’t know what you need.” – from customer survey – entered by Post-Op Provisions.

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